One response to “24 hours is a long time”

  1. Christine Patterson

    I’ a mum with nearly 39 years experience. I wanted to be a mum and I loved being a mum, but I wasn’t a particularly good mum.
    Why? Because I never ‘Nurtured my children’s mother.’ I was on duty 24/7 and I became obsessed with being the perfect wife and mother.
    When my daughter was expecting her first baby I gave her the only advice she didn’t ask for. It was, “don’t lose your sense of humour!”
    Losing your sense of humour involves losing your sense of perspective. In time you begin to believe that only you can raise these children but that is such a big job that you can’t do it on your own. Don’t get the idea that the children’s father wasn’t there to help. He was as good a help as I’d let him be.
    So Mums give yourself a break both physically and literally.

    It’s the best way to give your children what they need, a healthy happy mother.

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