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  1. Fiona Gardner

    Thanks for sharing your amazing story. My birth was similar to yours, expect resulted in a c-section due to bubs being in danger. Women are so much braver than society gives us credit for!

  2. Jess

    Oh Emma your story really pulled at my heart as it made me relive Master A’s birth & it was so very similar. The passing out, the tear, the cut, the forceps, the stirrups (no one told me the combination of the 2 would pull me down the bed!), the being sick, the bleeding.
    Unfortunately Master A got taken to special care for 3 nights due to damage from the forceps & I got a transfusion. I had visitors but they couldn’t see him, I felt like they were wasting their time seeing me. I didn’t feel like a mum because I wasn’t allowed to hold him or feed him or even really see him as I was immobile.
    I am thankful that we eased into an awesome bond even though I was not prepared for such a non Huggies commercial start but this time around I am more terrified of the birth than coping with 2 kids under 2; the lack of sleep etc.
    Thank you for sharing your story & allowing me the opportunity to share mine. I don’t tell it often as I feel people think I’m being overly dramatic.

  3. Celeste

    Very brave post, EM. Yes, PND not withstanding, and bearing in mind my own completely theoretical knowledge in this area, but honestly, I reckon so many women would identify with what you’ve written. So many experts in the system rarely making things better. Yep, I don’t doubt that some have dreamy deliveries with fluffy bunnies and so forth, but Mum would totally relate to your experiences on two of her births, and she wouldn’t be the only one.

    Like I said, I reckon you’ve brave sharing it, and my theoretical hat is off.

  4. Cath

    Another back labour – a long, long back labour. An epidural just so I could sleep after 28 hours without. A vacuum cap birth in a labour ward full of light and people… hardly the natural, birthing centre birth I had hoped for. Hubby has vowed to have only one. He honestly thought I was going to die – all that blood! And yet, it fades into oblivion over time. 48 hours is nothing after 6 years…
    I hate telling my birth story to new mums. It’s so bad and yet so irrelevent in the scheme of things. Yes, things went off the rails, but not as badly as they did later.
    A fed baby, a loved baby, a contented, if exhausted mum… these are the things that matter the most. Everything else is just a faded memory.

  5. Lex

    I think I want to slap the nurse that discharged you, for a start!

    I do you’ll some labours are like a “comedy” of errors, too many cooks spoil the broth type thing, or like lucille ball in the pie factory, with the poor labouring mum slowly being overwhelmed by it all.

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