An interesting conversation

Hello everyone

Recently I went searching through my associations website for something and came across a job ad that sounded just like me.  So I emailed to find out some more info.  Yesterday I received a call back from the employer.  I didn’t get/take the job but I’m ok with it.  Why?

It was an amazing serendipitous conversation.  For a while now I’ve been looking for particular services that I can refer my gorgeous mummies to on this side of the city.  One is a hypnobirth practitioner another is an acupuncturist.  Both of these are at the employers and after our chat.  They are people that I feel I can trust and work with.  Yay!

The other thing that happened yesterday was a visit to a new mummy and her beautiful, happy baby boy.  Whilst mummy had her massage, he gurgled and giggled and smiled from his bouncer on the floor next to us.  Magical.

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