Brain fried

It’s April, so of course this means it’s time I did this year’s business plan.  Granted it should have been done months ago but procrastination got the better of me again.

Not my most favourite of tasks.  In fact, I prefer going to the dentist to doing my business plan, but the plan must be done.  (At least at the dentist they give you some form of pain relief.)

I’ve down loaded the government issue template of a business plan and instantly my brain started to melt out of my ears.  Big words and having to actually thing about what I’m doing and want to do in my business just don’t mix.

So with the addition of chocolate, little miss talking at me and trying to prepare to see some clients, I got started.  So far I’ve got who the plan is for, what my abn is, my name and the date.  All very important.  All relatively easy.  Then I decided to attack the plan like you do an exam i.e. do all the easy questions first then tackle the harder ones.  Rats, didn’t work so well given I’d just answered the easy questions.  So I plow on.  I then decided to actually read the instructions that came with the template and discovered I can actually delete the parts that don’t apply to my business.  Well that’s a whole page on manufacturing gone.  What else can I get rid of?  Oh!  I don’t need a great big organizational chart as I am the organisation.  This means I can also delete the staff plans and requirements section.  Woo hoo, another page gone!  I was starting to wonder if my business plan will be any longer than a page when I stumble on the products and services section.  What started out as a small section has taken up a page.

So here I am, taking a brain break from deleting sections of my business plan and hoping I can actually get it done before next years is required.

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