The Mummyseuss

And the saga continues

Hello again. So I left off where I had plaster and then a brace and a fancy sling. Good news, the brace is gone.  Bad news, I have to have rehab to regain the range of motion and strength to somewhere near what was normal. More bad news, I still can’t drive.  The surgeon, physiotherapist […]

So why did I buy this book again?

Hello again. So as the studies continue, I’ve been lugging in the appropriate textbook for the classes I’m attending.  It’s very heavy.  It’s got lots of pages.  It hasn’t been referred to in the entire 4 weeks I’ve been attending classes.  This leads me to ask “Why did I buy this book again?” Apparently I’m […]


Hello. I’m back.  Well, I’ve been back for a couple of weeks but been taking things slowly. Ok, so my hands are still a bit on the wonky side but with treatment they should improve which is good. I’ve been really lucky and seen some absolutely amazingly awesome clients lately which has helped as at […]

Now I get it.

Hello. I know it’s been a while and after you read what I’m about to write, you’ll understand. I always knew pain can have an effect on your mental health but I knew it in a “I read it in a text book but not really understanding it” kind of way.  It’s the car accident […]

Happy Birthday Little Miss

And now this time six years ago

Hello again. This time six years ago, I was laying in the bed, feeling like a bus had hit me and holding my baby girl who was born at 3:50pm about an hour after nasty nursey left and Magic Nursey arrived.  About this time six years about, my parents were let in to see me […]

This time

Hello. This time 6 years ago I couldn’t sleep.  I was awake with nervous anticipation.  Only a few hours earlier I’d been at the hospital and started the induction of labour process.  Then about 30 minutes later, we were sent home to return early the next morning for the next part. Hubby and I ate […]