Did you know?

In any given year, the percentage of unplanned pregnancies is about half.  Be it being pregnant earlier than planned to being pregnant with no plans of children or already having children and not planned on having any more, either way, it can be devastating to you mentally, physically, financially.  Here’s a few tips that you could find useful. 

  1. Find your network and get help from them.
  2. Start putting little amounts of money into savings regularly.
  3. Seek counseling if you are suffering with depression.
  4. Read books.
  5. Ask friends and family on their experiences.
  6. Ask your doctors and midwives as many questions as you can.
  7. Check your health insurance status.
  8. Attend a basic first aid course (both you and your partner)
  9. Contact your local council to find out the local facilities and services for you
  10. Take care of yourself.

 Today’s question:  Did you plan your pregnancies or were they surprises?

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