Finally a face to the name

Yesterday I went to an event with a bunch of lovely people.  It was a meet and greet type thingy put on by Heather James of Inspiring Mums.

Not only did I get to eat wonderful cupcakes by Jacinta from Cupcakes of Kensington (of which she even had some gluten free ones!), I also got to hear from some amazing women in business.  My friend Mad Cow (some might even call her Amanda Cox) spoke about her experiences of PND, Ally spoke on Motivating Mums and the idea of sharing and caring, Linda from Nifty Mums spoke on something but I missed it due to little miss needing the loo and there was another speaker but I missed that one too.  At the end there was even a psychic.  All of this while I was giving mini seated massages.

I also got to actually meet in person some of the people I’ve been chatting to online for ages and have a catch up with some I’d met before.  Overall, there was a magical supportive vibe to the event.

So I’m hanging out for the next one.