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  1. Neans

    Totally agree Em! I never thought I would publicly feed, but it was so inconvenient to lock myself away or clumsily try to cover my flailing bub with muslin.

    It was my mum that broke the ice about it. Whenever at her place or out somewhere she would just urge me to do it (much to my grandmother’s absolute horror). How do people think that babies are fed? Everyone knows how so why does it matter so much?

    I was so wrong when I assumed my brothers and sister would view this with trepidation. They were very sweet, supportive and insistent that I be able to feed when out at lunch and not go sit in a toilet cubicle somewhere.

    I find your observation on shopping centres interesting. I have always wondered the same thing! Parent rooms are either too few, too crowded or too disgusting to use….so where does everyone go?

    Love your posts :)

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