8 responses to “Volunteer required”

  1. Phoebe

    Hiya. I have a pregnant belly to volunteer. I am only 25 weeks but its growing every day. I am in Melbourne :-)

  2. Teni

    How long will you be looking for volunteers? I’m only newly pregnant, but I’m already starting to bring things together for my Mother Blessing…

    email me at irisdoula(at)gmail(dot)com if you could, I might not remember to come back to check for an answer.

  3. Maria

    hi there,

    are you still taking volunteers? I’m 28 weeks with already a nice big belly to practice on :)
    thanks , xx

  4. Sarah

    Hi There,
    If you’re still looking for a pregnant belly volunteer I’m 34 weeks pregnant and have a bit of a challenge for you with lots of stretch marks and a scar from a belly ring to cover with intricate designs.

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