Well that worked

Today I did something new.  I started an email newsletter.  Well, it was a way to tell all my clients that we’d gone from being Hand Print Massage to The Mummyseuss.  But anyway you can sign up HERE.

I’ve had the priviledge of meeting and massaging some brand new mummy’s of late and met their little babies.  Whilst massaging them I’ve started to notice a common theme.  They’ve all got aching backs, their shoulders and necks hurt and they’re a bit frazzled.  Sometimes I think I won’t be allowed to leave after their massage.

So to help the mummies out there who are aching, here’s some things to do.  While holding your baby and feeding, try to drag your eyes away from them for a second and look up to the ceiling, look to your left and look to your right.  This will get your neck moving and losening up.  For your back, try carrying your baby in different ways and look into a getting a baby carrier (I highly reccommend the ERGO).

Til next time.

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