2 responses to “Why I avoid the shopping centre.”

  1. Debra Wilson

    not liking santa until this year – yep, swinging on all bars that we come across – yep, gingerbread men every time we go to the bakery yes – but she does like them..

  2. Angela den Hollander

    Love them dearly, but frankly, errand are just sooooo much easier without them.

    My heart bled for the poor mum in the bank today, with child 5ish, toddler 3ish and baby babyish in she came in, took a ticket, and attempted to jolly the baby, placate the toddler, converse with the child all while dealing with banky stuff. Great, dealt with, off they go…

    Then something went wrong and she had to come back in… Signal dramatic music. The baby had had enough, the toddler was over being still and even the child wanted out…


    I remember those days and frankly, don’t miss them all all.

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